Your Car, Our Driver

Your Car, Our Driver

A unique service we offer, for those of you who say to yourself “I have a car, but I am not able to drive it – what can I do?”
The answer is simple, let Nottingham Executive Chauffeurs drive you in your own car. You can have chauffeur dressed in a suit or an informally attired chauffeur to drive you in your own car.

  • This service is offered to compliment your lifestyle.
  • We offer complete confidentiality and security of your identity and activities.
  • 2 hour minimum service, available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. A round the clock service.
  • Hire the chauffeur only, and save money by not having to hire an accompanying vehicle.
  • Can be used for business or personal purposes.
  • Driver will be a minimum of 30 years old with 10 years chauffeuring experience.
  • All chauffeurs are fully CRB checked.

” I Need Someone To Drive My Car “

For whatever reason you require a chauffeur, be it to get you to work every day as you are unable to drive yourself because of a driving ban or other penalty, or if you already have a nice car at your disposal and you want to save money on hiring a chauffeur and a car – Nottingham Executive Chauffeurs have a team of professional, courteous and friendly team of chauffeurs.

A Chauffeur For Your Company Vehicles

There are many uses for our “Your Car, Our Driver” service, especially within the business and corporate environment.

Perfect for companies with branded cars – we place professional, qualified chauffeurs into the driving seat so you can concentrate on business.

Private Chauffeurs

You can use this service for personal use also, such as:

  • Dedicated designated driver
  • Trips and outings
  • Doctors and hospital visits
  • Sporting events
  • Concerts

Whenever you need a Chauffeur who knows the area, and you are unable or prefer not to drive, contact Nottingham Executive Chauffeurs and arrange for a Chauffeur to concentrate on the driving, which leaves you open to enjoy your time in comfort.

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