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Nottingham MPV Hire: Mercedes Viano

The Viano has all the hallmarks of a Mercedes-Benz – striking headlamps, an unmistakable grille and dynamic smooth rounded frame. This vehicle has enhanced acceleration which makes for a smooth ride. The Viano has a well thought out, spacious interior, with particular attention paid to ergonomics, comfort and capacity.


There’s a variable seating rail system that lets you remove or re-position seats in no time at all, and a variety of intelligent storage ideas. With innovative equipment, including a folding table and a cool box for long journeys, you can personalise the space to suit your needs, and this Extra long wheel base version of the Viano allows even more space, ideal for long journeys, corporate conferences en route or trips that require passengers to take large and bulky equipment.

Contact & Availability

Available for short term hire, and long term hire – the Mercedes Viano is our vehicle of choice and we’re sure that once you’ve experienced a ride in this executive vessel, it will be yours too.

Visit our Contact Us section of the website to have one of our team call you back to discuss your requirements in detail.

Or alternatively call us on +44 (0)115 846 2584 or 07947 239708.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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